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about us

Since 1981 our company is a notable mark on the polish garment industry market. In the beginning we specialized in the production of women’s blouses. Nowadays the variety of our stock has been significantly broadened. We offer jackets, skirts, trousers, dresses, tunics, anoraks, coats and of course blouses. All our products are branded with our own ESTE mark.

We guarantee the highest quality of our fabrics (France, Italy, Germany, Nederland, Belgium), unique patterns, the best workmanship and an affordable price. Every woman will find something for her cut and fashion. If you want to be trendy you should definitely visit our company.

We encourage our clients to visit our spot in
Polros Shopping Centre, situated in box C-67,
for a variety of products of a world renown Caprice shoemaking company.

We are open to any offers of partnership and willing to collaborate.

ul. Krakow 82
94-214 Lodz
Selling point:
C.H. Polros, Box C-67
ul. Tuszyńska 72/74
95-030 Rzgów
tel: +48 42 634 80 41
601 816 129